A Purchase entity, holds complete details of a purchase; including buyer details, ticket details, price, commission and delivery.


  • Id The id
  • ApplicationId A valid Seatwave application id, may be passed into the purchase as part of the hold process.
  • ExternalRef External Reference – ie the purchase Id on your system.
  • Status The current status of the purchase.
  • TrackingNumber Delivery tracking number
  • Items Details or the items within the purchase (typically tickets and shipping)
  • Payment Details of the payment.
  • Buyer Details of the buyer.
  • DeliveryInfo Details of the delivery
  • Seller Details of the seller.
  • SiteId The site id.
  • Date The transaction date.
  • BillingAddress The buyer's billing address for the transaction.
  • ShippingAddress The buyer's shipping address for the transaction.