Ticket Groups are sets of similar tickets that can all be purchased together


  • Id The id.
  • Qty The number of availble tickets
  • QtyOptions List of valid purchase quantities (some sellers will only allow tickets to be purchased in pairs, or to avoid leaving one ticket)
  • TicketTypeID The ticket type ID (not always set)
  • TicketTypeName The ticket type name (not always set)
  • Block Optional description of the block the seats are located in (not always set, for example in general admission events)
  • Row Description of the row the seats are located in (not always set)
  • FaceValueCurrency The face value currency (standard 3 letter code)
  • FaceValue The face value (if available)
  • Currency The price currency (standard 3 letter code)
  • Price Selling price
  • Commission Booking Fee
  • Notes Aditional notes aboout the tickets
  • SwURL URL of the Seatwave ticket group page. This will redirect via an affiliate platform when one has been specified.
  • DeliveryType The type of the delivery.
  • EventID The event ID
  • BlockId The block id (maps to the block infomation returned by the GetLayoutByID call)