Gets the venues for category.

Url Template{categoryId}/venues?apikey={apiKey}&siteId={siteid}&pgnumber={pageNumber}&pgsize={pageSize}&what={what}&where={where}&when_from={whenFrom}&when_to={whenTo}&max_price={maxPrice}&eventsWithoutTix={eventsWithoutTix}

Sample URL


Supply a valid API key via the apikey query string.


  • categoryId ID of category
  • apiKey Valid API key required for authentication
  • siteId Detemines the language and currency of the data in the response
  • pageNumber [OPTIONAL] Page (if not supplied or 0 defaults to 1)
  • pageSize [OPTIONAL] Page size (if not supplied or 0 defaults to 50)
  • what [OPTIONAL] Artist, performer, team, show, category or genre name , part of name, alternate name
  • where [OPTIONAL] Country, town or venue name, part of name, alternate name or UK post code
  • whenFrom [OPTIONAL] Start date [yyyy-mm-dd]
  • whenTo [OPTIONAL] End date [yyyy-mm-dd]
  • maxPrice [OPTIONAL] (if not supplied or 0 no filter is applied)
  • eventsWithoutTix [OPTIONAL] set to true to return events without tickets



{"Status":{"Version":"2.0","TimeStampUtc":"\/Date(1542352099000+0000)\/","Code":0,"Message":"Success","Details":""},"Paging":{"PageNumber":1,"PageSize":1,"PageResultCount":1,"TotalResultCount":13,"TotalPageCount":13},"Venues":[{"Id":13559,"Name":"Barbican Centre","Address":{"Line1":"Silk Street","Town":"London","County":"London","PostCode":"EC2Y 8DS  ","Country":"UK"},"Lat":0,"Long":0,"SwURL":"https:\/\/\/barbican-centre-tickets\/venue?affid=167&appid=20115826","ImageURL":"https:\/\/\/filestore\/venue\/image\/barbicanhall_13559_8_1_20101020115815.png"}]}

  • Venues
    • Id The id
    • Name The name
    • Address The address.
    • Lat Latitude
    • Long Longitude
    • SwURL URL of the Seatwave venue page. This will redirect via an affiliate platform when one has been specified.
    • ImageURL The venue image URL.
  • Status A status object is returned with every response. It contains details of the success or failure of the request.
    • Version API version
    • TimeStampUtc UTC time stamp
    • Code Error code, 0 indicates success
      = 0: Success
      = 1: Missing / Invalid Version Number
      = 10: Missing / Invalid API Key
      = 11: Missing / Invalid Time Stamp
      = 12: Missing / Invalid Token
      = 20: Authorisation Error
      = 21: Not authorised to access purchase
      = 22: Not authorised to access posting
      = 30: Invalid Input
      = 31: Invalid Client Delivery Details
      = 100: Unable to hold tickets
      = 101: Unable to confirm tickets
      = 200: Unable to hold tickets
      = 1000: API Error
    • Message Code description
    • DelegateAuthorisationCode Error code, 0 indicates success
    • DelegateAuthorisationMessage Authorisation code description
    • Details Further details of the error
  • Paging A paging object is returned with every response that contains a list of entities. It provides details of the total entity count and page size and number.
    • PageNumber The page number of the entities returned
    • PageSize The page size of the entities returned
    • PageResultCount Number of entities returned in this page
    • TotalResultCount Total number of entities
    • TotalPageCount Total page count.